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Ecoprofit Management (EPM) assists its clients to successfully mitigate and adapt to climate change by providing energy and carbon management solutions. Mitigation includes energy efficiency and renewable energy options. Adaptation includes providing for new environmental circumstances. EPM also delivers an education stream showing clients how to operate in a new regime. Good energy and carbon management not only decreases an organisation’s overheads but leads to higher revenue streams.

Mitigation: Climate Change is caused by the increased carbon emissions generated from human activity. If one reduces the greenhouse gas emissions in their day-to-day lives by efficiency measures and renewable energy opportunities, they are actively involved in climate change mitigation.

Adaptation: Climate Change is already affecting peoples’ lives whether that be increased power bills, storm frequency, bush fires etc. People need to plan the way they live and conduct their businesses to limit high energy imposts and natural disaster interruption.

Education: Know and understand mitigation and adaptation issues to achieve the best outcomes.

  • Maximise energy efficiency to minimise your energy costs.
  • Understand renewable energy options.
  • Utilise the latest technology in building automation.
  • Enhance thermal performance in the next building retrofit or development.
  • Gain confidence in individual or organisational ability to achieve good environmental outcomes.
  • Translate good energy and carbon management into improved profitability.


EPM has a new project arm called Everlution with the motto: Let’s take care of what the earth gives us. The purpose of Everlution is to promote the proposition that: if humans have enough desire they can live within their own environmental means and preserve the resources of Mother Nature.

Humans are slowly but surely reducing the ability of the earth to fully replenish the resources we need as a species to survive. Further we are reducing the ability of the earth to breakdown our waste streams quickly enough to avoid our own harm. That includes the greenhouse gases, plastic, harmful chemicals etc. As a species we are overrunning our environment. By some definition we could be classed as vermin, a species that overruns its environment. But we have the intelligence to correct this if we have the desire.

Go to the Everlution page on this website to read about EPM’s WWEC program to create water, waste, energy and carbon reduction goals for businesses and the Doo it! project to reduce plastic bag use.

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Our Carbon Neutral Program

Carbon Neutral logo

The Ecoprofit Sunshine Carbon Neutral Program encourages organisations and householders to offset their carbon emissions.

Your contribution will be dedicated to assisting people in the local community or around the world and is planned to start with projects in the Blue Mountains.


See Services for further information.


We recently replaced the fluorescent tube lights in the school with SAL slimline LED panels. The outcome has been much better than expected. There is no more flickering, the clarity of light is so much better and the power consumption is one third of the old lights. Most importantly the school’s teachers have commented on the improvement in the classroom learning environment. (July 2017)

Hobartville Public School

Richmond NSW

Ecoprofit Management has been conducting an energy audit for The Mountain Heritage Hotel, with a view to identifying opportunities that may be available to them to reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption.

“Winton has a sound grasp of the energy related issues confronting a hotel operation and has been of great assistance in initiating measures to reduce our electricity costs. It has been a pleasure to work with Winton on this project.”

Eric Sward

General Manager , The Mountain Heritage Hotel

EPM organised the sale and installation of LED tubes to replace the fluoro tubes in our display chillers and coolroom. Subsequent electricity bills reflected the big savings as LED’s draw less power and as I discovered, give off far less heat. The chillers are happy about that. Unexpectedly the quality of the LED lighting is enhancing our product and this has helped increase sales. The next step was the replacement of the ceiling fluoro oyster lights with LED equivalents. What a lift it has given the shop.

David Mellor

Owner, d'Vine Cellars Wentworth Falls

In relation to Winton’s role as a course facilitator and developer, Bill McGhie, director of Carbon Training International said: “Winton is a strategic thinker who walks the continuous improvement walk.”

Bill McGhie

Director, Carbon Training International

[email protected]
0400 232 200

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