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The purpose of Ecoprofit Management (EPM) is to assist its clients to successfully mitigate and adapt to climate change. EPM does this by providing energy and carbon management solutions. Mitigation includes energy efficiency and renewable energy options. Adaptation includes providing for new environmental circumstances. We also facilitate an education stream that shows clients how to operate in a new regime. EPM has demonstrated that good energy and carbon management not only decreases an organisation’s overheads but leads to higher revenue streams.

Mitigation Climate Change is caused by the increased carbon emissions generated from human activity. If one reduces the greenhouse gas emissions in their day-to-day lives by efficiency measures and renewable energy opportunities they are actively involved in climate change mitigation.

Adaptation Climate Change is already affecting peoples’ lives whether that be increased power bills, storm frequency, bush fires etc. So people need to plan the way they live and conduct their businesses to limit high energy imposts and natural disaster interruption.

Education It goes without saying that one needs to know and understand mitigation and adaptation issues to achieve the best outcomes. That could be to:

  • Maximise energy efficiency to minimise your energy costs.
  • Understand renewable energy options.
  • Utilise the latest technology in building automation.
  • Enhance thermal performance in the next building retrofit or development.
  • Gain confidence in individual or organisational ability to achieve good environmental outcomes.
  • Translate good energy and carbon management into improved profitability.

Winton Evers

Managing Director, Winton Evers is passionate about motivating and assisting people to acquire the skills to take their organisations to the forefront in environmental and energy efficiency management.

Formerly practicing as a Chartered Accountant, Winton came across the GHG Accounting Standard and realised how much organisations could improve their financial and environmental performance by managing their carbon emission sources.

Winton’s qualifications include a Master of Science majoring in Climate Change & Sustainable Resource Management, Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accountancy and has completed the CTI Certificate IV in Carbon Management and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

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Energy and carbon management

EPM prepares commercial energy, carbon and water plans which includes processes such as:

  • Type 1, 2 or 3 energy audits (the latest was a type 2 audit at Hillston Cotton Gin for Namoi Cotton Co-Operative).
  • Evaluation and calculation of energy reduction opportunities and business case development of potential cost savings.
  • Development of energy management systems as per the criteria of ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems.
  • Policy and procedures development for sustainable procurement.


Since 2010 EPM has been involved in carbon and energy management training including: Facilitation of Certificate III and IV courses in Carbon Management for Carbon Training International. Development and delivery of two day workshops in energy efficiency and Combined Cooling Heat and Power CCHP (including research and writing of material)

Energy user procurement and assistance

EPM assists energy procurement and better practices in energy use through a collaborative arrangement we have called Evertrinc. Evertrinc is a conduit for a suite of energy retailers offering market leading contracts to companies for both contestable (large user) and non-contestable (market deregulated) sites. We will review your energy bills and provide an obligation free proposal to consider. This, at a time, when there is an increasing number of energy retailers entering the market, specialising in the commercial and industrial space, with ever more diverse and complicated products. Some customers may prefer to deal directly with the wholesale space and those products are expanding too. But you don’t have to worry about keeping up with all the new product information and who’s who in the zoo; EPM does it for you. Our Terry Trinca unravels most of the mystery in the market and we believe offers energy market-leading solutions as an expert should. The more complicated the situation the more he likes it. EPM assists organisations to manage their energy purchasing by matching retailer products to the client’s energy consumption patterns. This entails pricing versus risk in demand management situations and advice on advances in technology that can offer what you may not have had before. EPM understands getting a better deal, and with your letter of agreement, we can approach your requirement as an individual need – we do not simply put you in a portfolio mix and say – give us a price, we review your risk individually. Our offer: Show us your energy bills and we will start to work out your options, including opportunity energy pricing! Our fees: Our fees vary with the situation but in any event they are extremely competitive.



The abysmal state of energy market regulation combined with network privatisation has led to the situation that both commercial and residential energy users are all about to face i.e a history-making rise in energy prices. I have asked a number of clients to seek electricity quotes prior to the end of the financial year. Wow, NOT GOOD! Looking at between 50% and 90% increase in cents per kWh.
The energy world as we know it is about to change dramatically. All the political wrangling will be white noise and energy independence the aim. Solar is the obvious choice. Solar return on investment is moving towards 30%. Batteries are close too on ROI for many applications.
Energy independence is not only the way to help reduce one’s impact on the environment; it is the best way to take control of your energy costs.
Ecoprofit Management has realised this. After a couple of years re/searching Ecoprofit has found a solar and batteries company that it can trust for quality advice, product, installation and post-installation service. Its name is LJW Solar (ljwsolar.com.au). We are proud to become one of their agent companies.

Fraztech takes pride in being able to supply a great range of induction and LED lights to suit all needs and budgets Australia-wide.  Through their continual extensive research, they provide the best value and quality lighting products currently on the market. With the back-up assistance of Fraztech’s extensive knowledge and experience , EPM provides a service advising clients on the optimum LED lighting solution. It includes the calculation of project-specific return on investment of LED lamp replacement and supply of high quality accredited LED lights at very competitive prices. http://www.frazteclighting.com.au

fraztech   aircon off header.png (642×149) https://www.airconoff.com.au


Funding and subsidies

  • EPM prepares funding applications for submissions to programs. (EPM won a grant to purchase and install VSD’s at Funfields Water Amusement Park) and Living Victoria Water Future.
  • EPM also assists clients in preparing for and drafting the sustainability sections of winning tourism award applications.

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The abysmal state of energy market regulation combined with network privatisation has led to the situation that both commercial and residential energy users are all about to face i.e a history-making rise in energy prices. I have asked a number of clients to seek...

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Renew economy had the following in its latest edition: Hunt’s environment department had managed to have removed any mention of Australia in a UNESCO report on the environmental impacts of climate change and world heritage sites.

Hunt’s department defended itself, suggesting that such reports might be bad for tourism. They might as well have demanded that the Great Barrier Reef be removed from all maps in Australian schools.

It’s extraordinary stuff. The ANU’s Will Steffen, one of the scientific reviewers of the axed section on the reef, described it as astounding and said Australia’s move was reminiscent of “the old Soviet Union”. Censored-GBR-RenewEconomy-copy.jpg (800×532) The part that was removed can be found at the following link  …….. It makes very interesting reading and gives you a good insight into the character of our Federal Environment minister. http://reneweconomy.com.au/2016/australias-iconic-great-barrier-reef-world-heritage-site-at-risk-from-global-warming-34387



Ecoprofit Management has been conducting an energy audit for The Mountain Heritage Hotel, with a view to identifying opportunities that may be available to them to reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Eric Sward, the general manager stated:

“Winton has a sound grasp of the energy related issues confronting a hotel operation and has been of great assistance in initiating measures to reduce our electricity costs. It has been a pleasure to work with Winton on this project.” (14 February, 2013)

Eric Sward

General Manager , The Mountain Heritage Hotel

In relation to Winton’s role as a course facilitator and developer, Bill McGhie, director of Carbon Training International said: “Winton is a strategic thinker who walks the continuous improvement walk.” (20 September, 2011)

Bill McGhie

Director, Carbon Training International

EPM organised the sale and installation of LED tubes to replace the fluoro tubes in our display chillers and coolroom. Subsequent electricity bills reflected the big savings as LED’s draw less power and as I discovered, give off far less heat. The chillers are happy about that. Unexpectedly the quality of the LED lighting is enhancing our product and this has helped increase sales. The next step was the replacement of the ceiling fluoro oyster lights with LED equivalents. What a lift it has given the shop. (January, 2016)

David Mellor

Owner, d'Vine Cellars Wentworth Falls

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